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A more productive and efficient workplace begins when HR leaders implement numerous layers of AI to deliver more value to their organizations. Whether they are ready for this transformation, both on an individual and organizational level, remains to be seen.
Close to 7 in 10 HR executives believe that the HR function needs to "completely reinvent and transform itself" in order to respond more effectively to future disruption.
Only 29% of new hires highly prepared with the skills needed for their role …
Recruiting leaders need to shift their focus from replacing the workforce to shaping the workforce via their needs definition, sourcing and talent attraction strategies.
The Dangers of "Burn-In"

An invisible, little-known phenomenon that affects high-functioning teams and is just as dangerous as burnout. How do you know if your team is in danger? Is your power team operating in an unsustainable state of perpetual over-delivery? Ways to dial it down.
Speaker, trainer, podcast "Working humans“ host, works with leaders
Navigating the new workforce and their new ways of working

An exploration of the seismic shifts happening in the future of work that reviews different working models and the data supporting them. With HR leaders needing to understand the generational differences and managing these differing needs we will explore increasing productivity and engagement through flexibility.
Stephen is the Founder of Roamr, a future of work company that enables employers to cut travel spend by paying employees instead of hotels. Stephen spent 3.5 years researching digital platform adoption and trust building as part of his PhD candidacy. Having been a Programme Director of both Business and Computing faculties he's talks tend to root themselves in data and a deeper societal and economic rationale. He is a thought leader on The Future of Work and emerging trends..
Founder & CEO of Roamr
Managing Gen Z in the Workplace: Understanding the unique needs and preferences of Gen Z employees to foster engagement and productivity

Join me, Keely Antonio, CEO and Co-Founder of FeelSwell Experiences, as I share my insights on understanding and managing Gen Z employees. Drawing from my own experiences and expertise, I'll guide you through their unique needs and preferences, offering practical strategies to foster engagement and productivity in your organization. This talk will equip you with the tools to bridge generational gaps and create a cohesive, thriving workplace.
Co-founder of FeelSwell Experiences
Creating an employee centric culture, using AI

What if you could create a workplace where every employee feels genuinely heard and valued, with technology playing a key role? In this session, we’ll explore how open communication, active listening, and psychological safety can transform your workplace. Discover best practices and real-world examples to build a motivated and committed workforce. We’ll also show how AI can empower managers to foster meaningful conversations and improve communication, creating a truly inclusive and supportive employee-centric culture.
CEO at Happybase
AI-AI - Creating E-Learning is Painful! - How AI Makes It Easy?

Join the Coursy.io presentation where we delve into how AI can help create engaging e-learning materials. Whether it’s an employee handbook, a safety guide, or something entirely different, we’ll explore the principles and tools that allow you to work smart and save time. We’ll share real-life examples, including how we developed a new cybersecurity training course. Don’t miss this chance to learn how AI can transform your e-learning creation process!
CEO at Coursy.io
2025 Trends in Employee benefits and motivation
CEO & Co-Founder of MELP
Towards a self-managing team. Softera experience
A team without managers, but with leaders - a goal we have been consciously working towards in recent years. How do we create an environment where every team member feels empowered and responsible for the overall success? What models and tools can be used to make a team work without traditional hierarchies but with strong leadership at every step?
During the presentation, we will share the experience of one of Softera Baltic's business lines in building a self-managed team. We will reveal a new approach to teamwork and organisational structure that encourages innovative thinking and engagement among team members, and we will discuss methods that have helped build trust, foster responsibility and create a collaborative environment. We will share practical examples and tools that have helped our team to become autonomous and accountable for common goals.
Business Development Manager at Softera Baltic
Community at the core of performance in the age of AI
Co-founder @Mirro.io
Leadership in a Hybrid Era: Developing Skills for the Future
Essential Leadership Qualities for Hybrid Work Environments Adaptability and Flexibility:
Embracing change and adjusting leadership styles to suit hybrid teams. Encouraging a culture of adaptability within the organization. Effective Communication:
Strategies for clear and consistent communication across remote and in-office teams. Use of various communication tools to bridge the gap between remote and on-site employees. Empathy and Emotional Intelligence: Understanding and addressing the emotional and psychological needs of team members. Creating an inclusive and supportive work environment.
Business Development Director & Radio Voice at YourCompanyRadio
5 Ways to Get Employees to Engage & Participate in Your HR Programs: Rethinking employee engagement strategies for a hybrid work environment.

  • Optimizing Virtual Communication and implementing tools and strategies for effective communication in a hybrid setting.
  • Understanding and enhancing the entire employee lifecycle from onboarding to offboarding.
  • Using analytics to track and measure employee engagement
  • Making data-informed decisions
  • Promoting Work-Life Balance and Well-being
ELVA Usability analyst/expert of ELVA Integrated Solutions Department and developer of staff self-service portal Panorama 365
Topic and description coming soon!
Co-founder & CEO of Social Seeder
Impact of HR professionals: healthier society, greener planet

Head of Sales CEE & Baltics at Walk15
Topic and description coming soon!
Head of Business Operations at Manpower
Holistic view on HR tech stack
Learn how to select the best HR tech stack for your business. Compare integrating best-in-class individual tools versus using a single ecosystem with a unified database. Discover the pros and cons of each approach and learn how to make the best choice for your company's unique needs!

Customer Success Director at Visma Enteprise SIA
Core HR & Management Foundations 12.03.

How are foundational aspects of HR and management evolving to meet modern demands?
Join us on March 12th for a day focused on Core HR & Management Foundations. Delve into how HR professionals shape organizational strategy, build resilient workplaces, and utilize data-driven decision-making. Learn to embed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) into culture and stay updated on legal compliance and ethical management. This day offers insights, expert speakers, and interactive sessions to fortify your HR framework. Connect with industry leaders, share best practices, and prepare for a resilient future.
Gain access to leading human capital management experts, economists, global research presentations, and more.
Innovations in HR & Management 13.03.

What innovations are driving the future of HR and management?

Join us on March 13th for a day focused on Innovations in HR & Management. Explore advancements in AI, machine learning, and automation transforming HR practices. Learn best practices for managing remote and hybrid teams, innovative employee wellness programs, and new talent acquisition strategies. Discover emerging trends in leadership development. This event provides valuable insights and practical strategies to stay ahead in HR. Network, learn, and embrace the latest technologies and trends.
Gain access to leading human capital management experts, economists, global research presentations, and more.
Future Outlook and Strategy

How can organizations prepare for the future of work with sustainable, agile, and innovative practices?
Join us on March 14th for a day dedicated to Future Outlook and Strategy. Focus on future work trends and strategic planning. Engage in discussions on future work scenarios, sustainable management practices, and change management techniques to enhance agility. Learn to create a culture of innovation that fosters creativity. The day ends with a panel discussion on future HR challenges and opportunities. Equip yourself with the tools to navigate a fast-paced business environment.
Gain access to leading human capital management experts, economists, global research presentations, and more.
Expert presentations and knowledge
36+ HR experts from 10 different countries will share presentations and insights about the future of HR. Gain access to videos, presentation tools and software to future-proof your HR skills and processs
Online HR networking
Participate in Q&A sessions with speakers, gain new contacts, widen your HR nework with experts form all over Europe. As you know - your network is your "net worth"

Increase your HR competences
Learn form experts in the field of HR and get access to 16 hours of live content in addition to presentations, documents, videos and more.
Companies that are already the "Furture of HR and Management"
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